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Limo Hire from A1 Stretch for the School Prom Season

Our Package

Typical package is a pick up drop and a return with an hour’s drive around before or after your prom.

Free complimentary soft drinks are also included.



At A1 Stretch we know what a special and important occasion your School Prom is and we are here to make sure when you Hire a Limo that everything is done to your specification to allow you to worry about what you look like instead of worrying about your Limo.

All are standard Prom Limo Hire packages include an hours drive before or after your prom so you can enjoy the Prom Limo experience, we will try our best to make the experience extra special. School proms are the busiest time of year for Limo Hire Companies and unfortunately we hear of bad experiences people have had from hiring a limo, this ranges from being told a week before that the limo is off the road to limos not even turning up on the night.

As we are the biggest Limo Hire Company in London and the South East we pride ourselves on making sure this will not happen to you, make sure you can view the Limo before you confirm your booking, by looking around a Limo Hire company you will get a feel for how big they actually are and confidence with who you are booking with.

There are a lot of Limo Brokers around who do not have Limos themselves, their main interest is getting the booking and then getting the lowest price from a Limo Hire Company, although most of their database of Limo Hire companies is reputable there is nothing better than speaking and booking direct with the actual Limo Hire Company.



Whether you are student looking for a good deal on prom cars and limos or a parent looking for some useful advice about school proms, we have all the information listed in this section of our website to help you learn all about school proms limos.If you are a parent of a prom-going student you may not havegone to your prom in a limousine, so why should you pay out for your child and why do they need to go together?

And you may be right, you may not have gone to your prom in a limousine, but these are ideas which have come later and a new culture is here and is an essential part of any school prom. The next generation has found a way to make prom even more fun, by adding prom limos – it’s now a tradition!

School proms need limousine hire and it is just a part of the celebration your child will be missing out on, and a way that they celebrate their graduation. During the limousine ride to their prom venue, the girls can be complimenting each other’s dresses, checking each other’s makeup and chatting about what they think the other girls will be wearing.

In their prom limousine the boys can be convincing each other that wearing a flower on their lapels are not feminine, and giving each other the encouragement to get out on the dance floor with their date.

The limousine ride to and from the prom is an essential part of the night. The prom limousines not only drop you off, they are also waiting when prom is over to offer a safe ride home, or to the party afterwards.

Whether you are looking to hire a Hummer, a pink limo or even a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom or the Mercedes E class, we have all the options right here at A1 Prom Limos. Remember, we offer a service in London and all the Home Counties so whether you require a prom car in London, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey or any other area around London we can accommodate you.

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Prom Tips for Girls

On prom night you are trying to achieve an overall look. Your dress, hair, make-up and accessories should blend together to create a beautiful picture. No one thing should stand out on its own.

1. Less is always more. When in doubt, go for the simpler style choice. Whether it is your hair, jewellery, dress, make-up, or shoes, go simple. That way your overall look will be the focus of attention, not some single item that overpowers your outfit.

2. Choose dresses that are all one colour. It is slenderising and not too busy. And you will look your best.

3. Hairstyles today are much more casual. The days of hairspray and loads of pins are over. The chignons that were worn on the red carpet were low at the base of the head with small strands allowed free to waft in any slight breeze. The result is soft and flattering.

4. Keep jewellery to a minimum. If you want to wear a single knockout piece of jewellery – earrings that dangle was the choice of most of the stars at the Oscars.

5. Black always looks great. It is chic, slenderising, and formal, no matter what the style choice. It is hard to go wrong in black.

As always, The Oscars and other award ceremonies are a good night for star watching and seeing what the new trends are for this year’s prom season. Use the stars choices as suggestions, and then go out and try lots of dresses, hairstyles, and jewellery, and choose what looks best on you!
Prom Limos for the Boys

For you young guys Prom nights can be one of the most nervous time of your young life, especially if you have to pluck up the courage to ask a girl to the prom – and she said yes! – And now you’re faced with the prospect of spending a whole night with a girl and you don’t know what you should say or do.

Hiring a prom limo will make your date feel special, as though you have gone to a lot of effort to get her to her prom safely, on time and in style, hiring a limousine you are likely to have more space and more seats than just the two of you can fill, therefore, you can ask a few friends and their dates to share the limo ride to prom and then you are not faced with a long limo ride alone trying to think of something to say.

Sharing a limo with friends makes your prom limo hire more affordable so you have more money to spend on your date.

Top 10 tips for getting a Limo for Prom:

1. Splitting up the limo price can get you a bigger and better limo for the same price per person or less! If a Hummer Limo costs £1,200 but can seat up to 16 people, split up the cost and each person pays about £60 a person! This is less than what you will spend on a prom dress, tuxedo, or your prom ticket!

2. Reserve your limousine early! Successful limousine companies will often turn down hundreds or even thousands of prom customers because there is simply more demand than there is limousines. Prom season is the busiest time of year for a limousine service.

3. Don’t put more people in the limo than it can hold. If a limo is a 10 passenger, that means 10 people MAXIMUM the chauffeur will not allow any more! Also remember you are going to have tuxedos and dresses on, on a hot day. The more people in the limo the hotter it will be, even with air-conditioning.

4. Make sure you get to view the inside and outside of the actual limousine you are renting. It can either be from your limo company’s website with detailed pictures of the inside and outside or you go personally up to the limo company and see the limos for your self!

5. A lot of kids will be able to get their parents to help pay for part or all of their cost of the limousine because they are going to have safe transportation for the night, not to mention there is 1 more chaperone. Parents want you to have a great time, and be safe.

6. Safe Transportation! It may not seem like a big issue now, but if you knew how many people die in car accidents each year due to alcohol related accidents during prom season, then you’ll be glad you have a safe professional chauffeur!

7. Get a limo hire contract. If you don’t have a contract for your limousine on your special day, then your chances of that limo not showing up are considerably greater!

8. Don’t even think about bringing alcohol, drugs, or smoking in your limo or bringing them to your prom. Many students have tried this in the past and it has never worked. All it is going to do is get your night cancelled early and possibly a visit with the police!

9. Make sure your groups of friends in the limo are responsible. You may be a good person. But, if there are 16 people in your limo and one person breaks an expensive TV, smokes, or throws up in your limo. The person who rented the limo is going to be charged to their credit card! The people who are associated with the rental need to be in charge and prevent extra charges for damages.

10. Find the best limousines for your budget! You want to look good at your school prom, and have a great time. It’s once in a lifetime kind of experience.


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