Corporate And VIP Cars

Corporate and VIP Cars

Treat your VIP clients or colleagues like royalty. Whether picking them up from an airport or their house let us create a comfortable and executive experience for them.

Transporting your clients with one of A1 Stretch Limos executive cars will create a prestigious edge for your business and show that you are willing to go all out to look after your clients. They will arrive at a meeting fresh and ready to talk business. Our cars are very comfortable and luxurious you may wish to hold a part of the meeting in the cars as you drive to your chosen destination.

Maybe arranging the use of one of our cars or limos for colleagues can provide incentives in turn increasing productivity for your company.

Each of our Executive Cars is designed to make the passengers feel special and looked after, and showing you are willing to give that little bit more for your clients can’t be bad for business.

We have built a highly skilled team, dedicated to ensuring your experience of A1 Stretch exceeds your expectations and needs.

We have a quality system in place with quality people, vehicles and equipment and above all quality standards

Making sure that all these things are in place demonstrates a real commitment to providing a service that is second to none.

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